Fallout 4 VR Mods

How to Install Fallout 4 VR Mods

I’ve seen a lot of people having trouble installing mods manually lately, especially people who don’t own flat Fallout 4 for reference. The information people post is usually very partial. I pieced together what I could, and everything seems to be working alright. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

  • The first step for modding any Bethesda game is Archive Invalidation. To implement this here, edit this file:

Documents/My Games/Fallout4Vr/Fallout4VrCustom.ini

I think this file is created after running the game once, but if it doesn’t exist you can just create it. Add the following:


Note: I’ve seen some posts instructing people to list your modded directories for the DataDirs value, but according to flat Fallout 4’s Archive Invalidation page, doing so is unnecessary and can drastically increase loading times.

  • Drop your mod files into the following folder:

Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4 VR/Data/

This should be any files included with the mods, such as .esp, .esm, .ba2, or directories.

  • Edit the following file:


which is the same as the following absolute path:


This is where a lot of people are having problems. This file doesn’t exist by default but it’s just a text file and you can create it manually.
Add the full filenames of any .esp or .esm files (including the file extension) you put in the Data/ folder in the previous step. This makes Fallout aware of those files.

  • Still in the plugins.txt file, put an asterisk (*) at the beginning of each filename you want to be active. This tells Fallout to load these files in-game.

And you’re done! Pretty sure that’s all the steps. It’s been working for me so far but I’ve only installed a handful of mods.

For reference, my plugins.txt looks like this:

*Insignificant Object Remover.esp
*Remove Overweight Cant Run Message.esp
*Vivid Fallout – All in One – Best Choice.esp

And a bonus: If you want to tweak different settings, rather than crawling .ini files and guessing at variables I highly recommend /u/bilago‘s configuration tool, which lists all the values used in the engine and edits them for you, as well as including dedicated menus for some of the more important tweaks.